What are you going to be when you grow up?

How to earn money

It´s quite likely that your answer was "rich". If that´s what you want, I hope you get it. But the fact is that earning money - especially a lot of money - is the final step of a process that begins much earlier. The first step, the one that will start everything else, is to decide what you want to do with your life.

A good way to decide is by examining what your interests and yours skills are. If you know what you´re good at, and you know you get pleasure from doing it, then you´re halfway to finding a job, a business or a career that is perfect for you. And you can bet that this is nearly all it takes to earn money.

To find what you´re good at, you´ll have to analyze yourself quite honestly. Answering some questions will be of great help in this process. Take a pen and write down so you can take your time to answer later:

1 What are your favorite subjects at school?
2 Do you prefer to work in groups or alone?
3 What other activities do you enjoy outside of school?
4 What kind of responsibilities do you have at home?
5 Do you like to take risks?
6 What kind of things do you do that people are full of praise for?
7 What do you hate to do?