Talking about money with your children

The way each of us deals with finances reflects our emotions, ambitions, values ??and feelings of self-esteem. It’s not a coincidence that people’s financial lives reveal almost everything about how they view themselves and others.

The truth is that we build the foundations of our relationship with money up until around 5 years of age. Approaches that worked in childhood and resulted in giving us what we wanted were largely responsible for the formation of our current financial mentality.

It's not difficult, for example, to recognize spoiled adults who behave as if the whole world should grant them numerous non-recoverable loans – selfish traits of a child who grew up without anyone imposing limits on his/her wishes. However, there is nothing carved in stone, regarding lack of skills in dealing with finances, that cannot be learned and repaired over the course of time. Nevertheless, the ideal is to receive instruction about money as a child.

The problem is that many of us did not receive solid training in financial education as a result of the merry-go-round of problems engendered by the era of inflation. And since we didn't learn it, we now have to work all the harder to teach it to our children.