Cassia D'Aquino - Notícia

What is financial education?

Financial Education in developed countries is typically the responsibility of families. Schools have the duty of reinforcing the education that the student gets at home.

In Brazil, unfortunately, financial education is not a part of education at home. Nor is it a part of school education, for that matter.

So children do not learn how to deal with money either at home or in school. The consequences of this fact are quite set the stage for a life of economic ups and downs, with repercussions on both the life of the citizen and  the country.

With the goal of filling this gap, I created the Financial Education Program in 1996.

The Program adapted the 4 major points of financial education into the Brazilian school curriculum. With a multidisciplinary approach aimed at children ages 2 to 17, the program is helping to create young people who are capable of saving and planning for expenses.

The Financial Education Program has been in place for more than 14 years and has obtained excellent results in both public and private schools all over the country.

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