Cassia D'Aquino - Notícia

Children, Money and Values

The way each of us deals with finances reflects our emotions, ambitions, values and self-esteem. So it is not by chance that a person’s financial life can tell us nearly everything about the way they see themselves and others.

The fact is that we start to build the foundations of our relationship with money around the age of 5. Attitudes that were effective in childhood and led us to the results we desired then are for the most part responsible for the financial mindset we have today.

For instance, it is not difficult to spot the egocentric traits of a child who grew up getting anything he or she wanted in spoiled adults who behave as if the whole world owed them the favor of granting them loans repeatedly in spite of their bad credit. Of course even though people learn financial skills early on, that does not mean a lack of financial skills cannot be fixed and learned as life goes on. But ideally education regarding money should begin in childhood.