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Finances Made Easy - CSN

Knowing how to manage personal and household budgets is essential nowadays. That's why CSN created De Bem com as Contas (Finances Made Easy): a simple program, which seeks to provide instruction for its employees on handling household budget issues.

The workshops are presented by employees from CSN.

Check out the testimonies of some CSN employees who participated in the workshops from the program De Bem com as Contas.

Darci Geraldo Gomes – Group leader of the LTF 3 GRF
"Attending the course has completely changed my way of thinking about daily expenses and even our relationship as a family improved, because we now prioritize financial planning and cutting costs. My daughter, age 11, is learning to think about what she spends and the importance of effective control."

Jaqueline Patrícia Silva – GMG Maintenance Engineer
“I stopped being so consumption-oriented and have become very self-controlled in this area. I can sleep in peace now, because my financial life has improved by 80% and something totally unprecedented even occurred: I traveled four times with my family this year, which hardly ever used to happen even when I was on holidays."

Rafaell de Almeida – GEO/S Telecommunications Technician
“The program De Bem com as Contas enabled me to orient my priorities and control debts, thus avoiding interest payments and taking out unnecessary loans.”